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The Reality of Royalty

The Reality of Royalty

Hello my sweet, royal daughters!

I’m so glad you’ve come to visit me this day. We have some very important Kingdom matters to discuss. I want you all to know the reality of Royalty.

What is Royalty? When you become part of God’s Kingdom you become a Royal Child of God. You are anointed with the powerful Holy Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit guides you, protects you, and teaches you the knowledge of the truth about all things. There is no darkness or deceit in the Kingdom of God. The Holy Spirit brings all things into the glorious light to make all things known to you. You will receive supernatural understanding of things, sometimes you will be able to read minds, and other times you will see right through to the true intentions of others.

“There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. There is nothing kept secret that will not come to light.” Luke 8:17 Holy Bible

Are you a QUEEN?Indeed, the reality of Royalty is quite powerful! But this power must only be used for good. You are only worthy to wear the crown of Grace given by God with a pure heart, with true and loving kindness in your thoughts, words, and deeds. Read the Bible and seal it upon your heart. Of course, you must also be a willing and obedient servant to the King.

There will always be temptations in this sinful, fallen world that will try to lure you away from the light of the Kingdom. It will try to draw you back into the dark world, sometimes using people and things you are attracted to. BEWARE Children!!! Even the devil disguises himself as an Angel of light!

Stay close to our LORD Jesus Christ. He is your greatest defender. He is your King. The sovereign ruler of the entire Universe. No power or force of darkness can stay in His presence. Always call upon the LORD Jesus to keep you safe from evil, and away from tricky temptations that seek to rob you of your Royal Throne.

You must stand your ground firmly. Be bold in your conviction that YOU ARE A ROYAL DAUGHTER OF KING JESUS! You have been given power and authority over all the power of the enemy. You must rebuke the enemy.

Are You Worthy of Royalty?


I command the warring #Angels to slay and destroy all demonic entities in my Way. I command you to strip them of their authority, bind them, and chain them to await their judgment, Eternity in #Hell where they belong. I cancel all their assignments against me and #forever forbid them from being reinstated! I will not tolerate darkness in my presence! I will not tolerate #darkness in my family! I will not tolerate darkness in any of my relationships! I will not tolerate darkness in my career or my finances! I declare #perfect #peace over my #life! I declare perfect prosperity over my life! I declare perfect divine #power over my life!!!#RISINGUP  ✝


Remember Royal daughters…

You are deeply loved, you are chosen and precious in the sight of God.

Let nothing stand in the Way of that perfect love that can only be found in the Kingdom of God.

This is where you belong.

#BeBlessed #BeLOVE

~Jacqueline Maddison

Jacqueline Maddison is Editor-in-Chief of Beverly Hills Magazine. She believes in empowering others with the truth.

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