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The Power of Prayer

Hello my sweet Queens, Today is one of the most important discussions we will ever have. To speak of the power of prayer is to speak of the supernatural power of God. It is a sacred power; an ancient power given to children of God to change the world. You are Royal daughters of the Almighty King and He has given this power to you. First, you must have Jesus in your heart so that you will be cleansed from the sins of this world. Only then God will be able to pour His pure blessings into your new pure heart. Pray This Way: When we pray, our spirits enter into the presence of God, into the very throne room in Heaven where Almighty GOD governs the entire Universe from, where the beginning and end of time is in His hand. To mention the power of prayer is no light matter my Queens, but it is of utmost importance to handle it with care. Our voices penetrate the atmosphere of earth and create pillars of fire that burn through the devil’s domain. The sweet fragrance of our sincere prayers please GOD and surround Him with a sweet incense that fills […]

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