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The Power of Healing

Hello my beautiful Queens, I’m so glad you joined me today. It’s wonderful that we are blessed to gather and grow together in our knowledge of the LORD and all of His wonderful promises to us as His precious children. We truly are royal children of the King, Creator of Heaven and Earth. When our time here on Earth is complete, we will join Him in Heaven and live forever in perfect Paradise. What a glorious gift God has given us, the gift of Eternal Life. First and foremost, what you must know is that as a child of God, you never have to be sick again! You are called into the Royal Kingdom of God which separates you from the Kingdom of Darkness which is ruled by Satan. The devil is the one who brings all disease into the world, including cancer. In fact, all deformities of mankind are from Hell.  The good news is that JESUS is the cure!!! God has promised us that we can pray for healing and He will heal us. Now of course, you cannot continue to sin and expect this power. No. It is only for those who turn away from their sinful […]

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