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The Gift of Grace

Hello Glorious Royal Daughters, I pray this message blesses you so that you can continue to grow into the powerful Queens that the good LORD has created you to be. Today we will be discussing one of the most beautiful things in this world…Amazing Grace! You’ve heard the song which we all love. Did you know that music is God’s way of speaking to us, and it serves to heal the soul. What is AMAZING GRACE? Amazing grace is truly God’s favor, blessings, and love. Consequently, without God’s grace on earth, all hell would break loose. It’s true. You see the uprising of evil all around us, and it will only continue to get worse because this world and its lust are passing away. But the word of the LORD remains forever. This is why, my dear ones, we have to continue to grow in grace. As we do, we will be protected from the forces of darkness and we will prosper in the Light of God’s Grace. Next, you wonder, how can you grow in grace? You have to choose to draw nearer to God, everyday. You can do this by praying to Him. Even the angels in Heaven […]

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