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True Beauty Is Beautiful

Good morning gorgeous Queens, Today I want to talk to you about beauty. What is beauty? More importantly, what is TRUE BEAUTY? This world is filled with superficial ideas of what is beautiful. We are seeing this with the rise of plastic surgery, especially in Beverly Hills. I am not a fan of plastic surgery. I personally think it is taking something natural and making it unnatural. Even if you think it looks better. Natural beauty has a different energy. Natural beauty radiates the energy of God’s beauty. That is something that can never be duplicated, copied or created by man’s hand. Only GOD can create true beauty. In addition, true beauty isn’t just a physical attribute. I believe every person on earth is beautiful, in their own way, whether they are fat, thin, tall, short, unusual or common looking. Let’s look at nature. All birds are beautiful, in all their different forms and species. We all love animals, and they too are so different from each other. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US IS DIFFERENT. Does Not Each Star In The Night Sky Shine Its Own Light?…Even Still, They Are All Stars. Despite Our Differences, We Are All The Same. Some think beauty is about […]

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